MSN Fraud

26 06 2011

This morning i woke up to an MSN from an acquaintance i met the other day at Demoday.  The conversation goes as follows:

Basically he asked me whether can i transfer money for his friend on his behalf.

He asked me to transfer a few thousand to his friend. I almost did because Ill be seeing him tomorrow so I thought he’s gonna return me tomorrow night. But I dint have my online banking activated.

Later on in the afternoon, he msn-ed me:

Totally cannot imagine if i activated my online banking.

The cyber world is very dangerous.




2 responses

27 06 2011

ya lor, crazy hor, duno how those ppl do it, even my FB oso kena.

hows ur shanghai life. going back SG soon?

27 06 2011

hey mate yea heading to sg soon. =) we shud meet! haven meet you in person i think. and i forgot how we knew each other ady!

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